About Open Grow Shop

Open Grow Shop is the official store of the Portuguese company Open Grow, Lda. This company is mainly engaged in the research and development of agricultural automation technology. The Open Grow’s main product line is the GroLab™, a grow controller. To know more about Open Grow please check the following page "About Open Grow".

The Open Grow Shop is not only our official selling point for GroLab™ products, but also offers a wide variety of equipment specialized for the agricultural application.

The Open Grow team shares with customers the same passion for the art of growing. In this way, this team is here to help you, regardless of the type of grow or growing system they use, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc...

Open Grow is proud to be a company with the doors open to the public. It is a privilege for us to be able to welcome you in our facilities and to let you know all the technology developed by us. You can visit us at the following address (Monday through Friday, from 10am to 7pm local time, excluding public holidays):

Open Grow, Lda,
Parque Industrial de Coimbrões,
Edifício Expobeiras,
3500-618, Viseu,

Any questions, suggestions or other subject do not hesitate to contact us.

Open Grow is grateful to all customers, as well as to all those who have come across us throughout our lifetime, for all the support and trusting in us. We exist because of you!