GroLab™ the grow controller created by Open Grow™ - Featuring GroNode, PowerBot, TankBot and Soilbot

Welcome to GroLab™ the Future of Agricultural Automation

GroLab™ is the most versatile and powerful tool, that allows you to control all the aspects of any agricultural grow.

Its modular architecture makes it possible to adapt to any environment regardless of its size, type, growing medium or growing system.

Configure and monitor every variable and device in real-time trough an easy-to-use software.

GroLab™ allows you to do all of this from anywhere at anytime.

Bring your grows to the 21st century and get the peace of mind you deserve.

GroNode the Heart & Brain of the Operation

A state of the art growing unit that interacts with other GroLab™ modules simulating the operation of a brain.

It is capable to execute hundreds of instructions and to store a large amount of data allowing a detailed analysis about the life cycle of the user’s plants.

GroNode will do all the hard work for you and will notify you if a risk situation arises.

The only limit to GroNode is your imagination.

Front view of GroNode, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller
Front view of PowerBot, the power supplier module of the GroLab™ grow controller

PowerBot The Complete All In One Power Module

PowerBot allows you to connect and control the electrical peripherals of your growing environment.

This powerful unit monitors and automates all the basic elements of your grow like temperature, humidity, air flow, lighting and irrigation.

Create safety protocols & procedures to avoid overheating and minimize the damage in case of fire.

With PowerBot every variable is under your direct control, enabling you to maximize your growth and efficiency!

Front view of PowerBot, the power supplier module of the GroLab™ grow controller

TankBot The Powerful Tank Manager

TankBot is a precise and versatile unit that allows a complete water tank control, nutrients dosing, pH regulation and full crop security.

Thanks to the capability of handling actuators of 12v, it is possible to create impressive irrigation systems and a precise nutrients dosing.

TankBot does not only monitors the pH, EC and water temperature but also supports 4 switch sensors of your choice like water level sensors or motion/smoke detectors.

Front view of TankBot, the tank manager module of the GroLab™ grow controller
Front view of SoilBot, the substrate analyzer module of the GroLab™ grow controller

SoilBot The Versatile Substrate Analyzer

SoilBot is designed for the rigorous growers who wants to completely monitor the substrate where their plants grow.

This unit has the capability to measure the substrate temperature and moisture regardless of whether it is soil, rock wool, coconut or a recurrent dipping of roots in water.

Combined with PowerBot or TankBot allows a complete substrate automation based on the water and temperature needs of your plants.

SoilBot also incorporates safety sensors for flood prevention!

Front view of SoilBot, the substrate analyzer module of the GroLab™ grow controller

GroLab™ Software The Control Booth

One of the main goals of GroLab™ is to provide the ability to control any kind of agricultural growing system, in a forward thinking, easy and simple way.

GroLab™ Software is full of simple illustrations that will guide you on the introduction to the grow automation. A simple click and go function, removing all the complicated operations usually associated with this kind of product.

Track your grow(s) progress through IP cameras and a variant of data inputs, featuring graphs, historical data, and trends. All data can easily be exported to file for better analysis or periodically uploaded to a cloud server.

Thanks to the remote control feature, this easy-to-use software allows you to control and monitor your grow(s) from anywhere at anytime.

GroLab™ Software logo with some screenshots showing the data analysis, camera and a menu that allows to control/visualize all the variables from areas/grows

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