GroLab™ Software is the control booth of the system. The main purpose of this software is to allow you to fully configure the whole system, providing all the tools to customize modules and devices settings matching the functionalities of any agricultural growing system.

Track your grow(s) progress through IP cameras and a variant of data inputs, featuring graphs, historical data, and trends. All sensors/actuators data can easily be exported to a friendly file for an external deep analysis.

Using a third-party device capable of cloud data logging, GroLab™ system can periodically upload data to that device in the JSON format.

Thanks to the remote control feature, this easy-to-use software allows you to keep controlling and monitoring your grow(s) like if you were there.

The GroLab™ Software provides you all of these features in a forward thinking, easy and simple way. It is full of simple illustrations that will guide you on the introduction to the world of grow automation. A simple click and go function, removing all the complicated operations usually associated with this kind of product.

Nowadays, our time is a valuable concept and it can be difficult to constantly take care of our grow(s). Using GroLab™ means no more arduous tasks and time-consuming maintenance.

With this state-of-the-art controller everything is at the distance of one simple click anywhere at anytime.

User Friendly

GroLab™ Software was designed to be easy-to-use and accessible for anyone. Every feature and configuration is accessible with a simple click, there are no complicated operations and no expert knowledge is required. The software is fully illustrated and includes several assistants that will guide you through all the features.


GroLab™ has several layers to protect your data, in addition to the credentials needed to access GroLab™ Software the system also requires credentials to access GroNode (the system's core module). This means that if your PC gets compromised the GroLab™ will stay safe. E-mail notifications are also secured, GroNode uses a private server as a redirection point to send notifications, this way the IP can't be linked to your location. Remember that GroLab™ can operate without Internet connection, using it that way entirely hides it from the world.

Fully Customizable

This software allows you to customize every parameter of your grow(s).
It provides all the tools to configure modules and devices settings matching the functionalities of any agricultural growing system. Set the device name, type, power, cool-down time (no more HPS damage) and much more, with just a simple click. GroLab™ software even allows you to export modules configurations to a file that you can import at any time.

Setup Areas & Grows

GroLab™ supports up to 4 Areas that can contain 2 grows each. For each growing space the software already provides a standard of which devices and sensors you should have. In this way, you just need to drag and drop the desired peripherals to the designated space. The same happens with the grow(s), where you fully configure your water tanks, like pH, EC, level sensors, pumps and nutrient dosers.

Programmable Procedures

GroLab™ Software allows you to freely create schedules for your irrigation, light or any other output. By hour, by minute and almost by second, restrict by days of the week, it is up to you to decide! Create general, irrigation and security alarms, that do actions based on sensors values or device states, allowing any kind of automation. GroLab™ let's you do all of this through a graphical and intuitive assistant, that helps you to create complex automation procedures effortlessly.

Real-time Monitor and Control

Using the software it is possible to keep tracking and control your grow(s) in real-time. Turn on/off any device, check sensors values, access IP cameras, change configurations, earlier detect any security issue and calibrate the sensors, do all of this while you relax on your couch!

Data-Logging & Storaging

GroLab™ Software includes the data-logging and data-storing features, that will constantly retrieve and store on a database all the information about sensors and devices over the time. It is not required to run the software 24h a day to gather this information, because GroNode (the system's core module) is capable of storing hundreds of thousands of data. User can download the GroNode's data through the software at any time in order to complete the information stored on the database. Thanks to these and to the data-visualization features, it is possible to do a detailed analysis about the life cycle of the user’s plants.

IP Cameras

GroLab™ supports IP cameras allowing the user to keep their grows and surrounding areas under constant surveillance from anywhere at any time, through an intuitive interface provided by the GroLab™ Software.

Remote Control

When connecting the GroNode (the system's core module) to a router with an Internet connection, it allows you to activate the GroLab™ system's remote control. This feature grants user access from anywhere at any time through the GroLab™ Software.

Advanced Data Analysis

With GroLab™ Software, the user can constantly monitor and deeply analyze all the variables of their grow(s). The software provides you a variant of data inputs, featuring graphs, historical data, trends and grow(s) overview. It also allows you to easily export the sensors/devices data to a friendly file from the beginning of your grow(s) life cycle.


When you provide Internet connection to GroNode (the system's core module) it can send real time alerts and updates to your e-mail. This feature can be fully configurable with GroLab™ Software that offers the tools to set the e-mail address, desired notifications, time interval and much more. GroLab™ not only keeps you updated all the time, but also lets you know if any issues arises.

Cloud Upload

This is another feature that makes the bridge between your grow(s) and the online world. Connecting GroNode (the system's core module) to the Internet allows the user to configure a cloud server to periodically upload to it the data-log from all sensors/devices (in the JSON format). One feature that opens the door to a multitude of advanced data analysis possibilities, essential for comprehensive studies.

Security Protocols

It is possible to create complex security protocols using alarms (one of the main programmable procedures type). GroLab™ provides several options, that can be fully customizable trough the software, to prevent, notify or even react to risk situations.
One of the possible reactions is to suspend some parts or even the whole system until the user gives the order to continue. When a security alarm activates, GroNode (the system's core module) will blink red and can also be configured to emit a loud beeper and send e-mail notifications.


GroLab™ Software is available on several languages like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. This way user can enjoy the product on his preferred language. The GroLab™ modules manuals and related documentation are also available on those languages. One of the main goals of Open Grow™ is to make our products accessible for anyone, that is why we will keep adding languages based on our customers needs.

Periodical Updates

GroLab™ Software is always under development. With this in mind, an update system was implemented so whenever the user opens the software, if a newer version is available, the system will automatically update. The same happens for any of our modules, this means that our products are constantly being improved with no costs or hassle to our users.

GroLab™ Software


You can try it out now even without GroLab™ modules! Just use the following credentials to access the demo mode:

Username: GroLabDemo
Password: godemo

GroLab™ Software System Requirements
Disk Space
Operating System
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Screen Resolution
1366 x 768