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TankBot is the most versatile and precise module in the GroLab™ family.

It could be described as a complete controller that is able to cover all the aspects of tank management. However, this description is not enough because TankBot is much more than that.

PH & water temperature regulation, nutrients dosing, water level management and tank refill/drain are just some examples of the TankBot capabilities.

Supports up to 4 actuators of 12v allowing to connect a wide variety of devices like water pumps, solenoid valves, peristaltic pumps, relays, air pumps and power contactors. With the capability to independently control those 4 actuators makes it possible to automate a variety of systems like irrigation, lighting and air flow. TankBot is capable of challenging the user’s imagination.

This powerful module is not only capable of monitor and control the pH, EC and water temperature, but also offers the possibility to connect 4 extra switch sensors of your choice like water level sensors, motion/smoke detectors or switch buttons. Extending the TankBot capabilities to the surveillance and security domains, granting GroLab™ system a huge amount of options to react/notify in case of any security threats/issues arises.

TankBot will not simply free you from the boring management tasks, but it will also help to keep your grow(s) protected.

TankBot configuration schematic example, the GroLab™ grow controller tank manager, nutrients dosing, PH correction, security system with motion and smoke detectors
TankBot Installation Example

Power Supplier

TankBot can provide power to all peripherals of your growing environment. It has 4 connectors that supports 12v actuators allowing a wide variety of devices like water pumps, solenoid valves, peristaltic pumps, relays, air pumps and power contactors. Using power contactors or relays extends the module capabilities to control any kind of device, providing a huge amount of options to automate a variety of systems like irrigation, lighting and air flow. In addition, TankBot provides an extra power output (12V/1A or 24V/2A), that you can use to power sensors like motion/smoke detectors, this output is not controllable working only as a power supply.

Manual Control

This module comes with 4 external switches that give the user the ability to manually control all connected peripherals at any time on the spot.

pH Monitor & Adjustment

This module gives you the possibility to deep analysis, monitor and control the pH. The GroLab™ system programmable procedures offers several options to regulate pH based on the user needs.

EC Monitor & Analysis

TankBot also supports EC probe extending the monitor and control of your water tank to another level. GroLab™ system can notify you and even react based on electrical conductivity of your water.

Water Temperature

TankBot provides all you need to continuously regulate the water temperature ensuring the optimum conditions for your plants to grow.

Nutrients Dosing

Connecting peristaltic pumps on TankBot opens the door to the nutrients dosing domain. GroLab™ system provides all the necessary tools to calibrate the peristaltic pumps and to create procedures to precisely pump the required nutrients amount.

Speed Customization

TankBot provides the capability to customize device speed. This feature can improve the precision even with low cost devices.

Advanced Irrigation

Thanks to the capability of handling actuators of 12v, it is possible to create impressive irrigation systems that can independently feed multiple grows.

Tank Level Management

This module supports 4 extra switch sensors of your choice like water level sensors, allowing to continuously monitor the water level of your tanks. With the right peripherals connected to the TankBot, like solenoid valves or water pumps, user can create procedures to automatically drain and refill, allowing a complete tank maintenance.


TankBot allows you to create safety protocols & procedures to avoid risk situations or even react to them in order to minimize the damage. Fires and intrusions are some examples of risk situations this module can handle. With the support for switch buttons it is possible to shutdown all devices or specific areas/grows simply pressing a button. There are also 2 main security features included on TankBot: the cool-down time which prevents damage to devices that need some time to cool down before turning them on and the security actions when losing communication with GroNode (the system's core module). All of these makes the TankBot a life saver for any grower.

Module Communication

TankBot communicates with GroNode (the system's core module) through radio frequency with a range of 25 meters indoors (depending on obstacles) and 100 meters in open spaces. This makes it easy to install the TankBot close to the water tank.

Monitor & Analysis

Using GroLab™ Software the user can monitor and analyze the different pH, EC, temperature and the 4 extra sensors in real time. The software provides you notifications, charts, grow(s) overview and even allows you to export the sensors values from the beginning of your grow(s) life cycle.


When you provide Internet connection to GroNode (the system's core module) it can send real time alerts and updates to your e-mail about the state of the sensors and devices connected to TankBot. It will also notify you in case of any issues arises.

LED Indicator

Its design features a LED that indicates if the module is currently powered on and the connection state with GroNode (the system's core module).

Remote Control

When connecting the GroNode (the system's core module) to a router with an Internet connection, it allows you to activate the GroLab™ system's remote control. This feature grants user access from anywhere at any time through an easy-to-use software. Allowing to fully control all the modules, including TankBot.
TankBot Specifications
Hardware Version
91mm x 108.9mm x 28.7mm

Casing: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Physical buttons: Reset, 4 x Output Controller

Power Supply
Power Supply Adapter Included
Power Supply Adapter Cable Length
1 meter

USB 2.1 type B

RP-SMA female

Power Entry 12V/1A 24V/2A

Power Output 12V/1A 24V/2A (2.5mm 4-Pin male)

4 x 12v Actuators (2.5mm 4-Pin male)

4 x Switch Sensor (2.5mm 4-Pin male)

Temperature Sensor (2.5mm 4-Pin male)

PH Connector (BNC)

EC Connector (BNC)

Antenna Included
USB Cable Included
Yes (Type B-A)
USB Cable Length
2 meters
USB Power Adapter Included
Yes (Type A 230AC-5VDC)
Sensors Included

PH Probe

Temperature Sensor

Connector Plug Included
Yes (4 x 2.5mm 4-Pin female)
Inter-Module Communication
Radio Frequency - 2.4GHz
Visual Indicators


2-years limited hardware warranty
PH Probe Specifications
140mm (length) x 12mm (diameter)

Casing: Plastic

Colors: Green

Cable Length
3 meters
Measure Range
0PH ~ 14PH
Measuring Temperature
0ºC ~ 80ºC
Response Time
1-year limited hardware warranty
Temperature Sensor Specifications
50mm (length) x 10mm (diameter)

Casing: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Cable Length
2 meters
Temperature Range
-40ºC ~ 110ºC
Temperature Precision
1-year limited hardware warranty