GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.4 update highlights banner - Minor fixes, improvements and much more...

Atualização do Software GroLab™

Hoje lançámos uma nova versão do Software GroLab™. Em baixo poderás encontrar a lista de alterações desta versão.


Lista de alterações:

  • Fixed some issues related with software logging system;
  • Fixed some issues editing GroNode cloud upload settings;
  • Fixed a minor issue retrieving single alarm;
  • Fixed not showing proper messages when calibrating peristaltic (waiting operation to start and then waiting it to finish);
  • Fixed being able to click to start the schedule to calibrate peristaltic multiple times, causing GroNode to lose connection;
  • Fixed editing schedule: changing the duration or the date time off was not properly changing the schedule;
  • Fixed showing the disclaimer when canceling custom GroNode firmware upgrade (on loading operation);
  • Fixed an exception when closing “pumps” calibration wizard from the windows taskbar;
  • Fixed not showing proper name based on language for some “not connected” inputs/outputs;
  • (DEMO) Fixed some issues that wasn’t allowing to edit a peristaltic pump;
  • (DEMO) Fixed PowerBot buttons appearing;
  • Added a different message when user tries to upgrade module firmware, but none of the currently connected devices to PC is the selected module;
  • (DEMO) Minor improvements;
  • Updated languages;

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