On the left side a front view of GroNode, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller, on the right the text "GroNode Firmware Update" and an update icon

Atualização de Firmware do GroLab™ GroNode v1.0.7.4

Hoje lançámos uma nova versão de firmware para o GroNode, o módulo principal do sistema GroLab™. Em baixo poderás encontrar a lista de alterações desta versão.


Lista de Alterações:

  • Added support to the GroNode hardware version 8;
  • Added a new command to read all outputs (still not used);
  • Improved e-mail notifications format to comply with the e-mail standards regarding lines’ size;
  • Improved overall communications;
  • Improved Alarms and Areas handling;
  • Improved debugging;
  • Improved modules firmware and hardware versions handling;
  • Improved several data structures;
  • Improved support to PowerBots/TankBots/CtrlBots using the UserBot slots;
  • Changed the security shutdown default timer to 5 minutes;
  • Fixed some incorrect blank spaces and empty data when sending Areas through the UpdateAll command;
  • Fixed editing Alarm from “All Day” to “Day” causing the respective output would go off and then the output would be turned on right away, staying on indefinitely;
  • Fixed forcing TankBot Plus output’s speed on outputs that do not exist;
  • Fixed in some cases not properly resetting the module communications timeout thus causing some false “Not Alive” situations;
  • Fixed in some cases not properly resetting the Alarm state causing desynchronization on the running bars (software visuals);
  • Fixed duplicating Area when creating a new area with advanced lightning;
  • Fixed not properly saving module after configuring shutdown procedure;
  • Fixed sending the ping command to an offline module thus causing some issues communicating with other modules;
  • Code cleanup;
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

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