This is an old and discontinued model of PowerBot. View the most recent model or all released models.

PowerBot is the complete all in one GroLab™ system’s power module. It provides everything you need to automate all the basic elements of your grow(s), allowing you to maximize growth and efficiency.

Equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor that makes possible to keep the perfect climate conditions for your plants.

PowerBot has 4 universal outlets supporting up to 2300W (per outlet and in total) or unlimited power when using an external electrical contactor. Lighting & ventilation systems, water pumps, humidifiers, heaters and Co2 dispensers are some peripherals examples that PowerBot can automate.

Its design features 4 LEDs that indicates which elements are ON, and has also external switches that provide manual control on the spot.

PowerBot also allows you to create safety protocols & procedures to avoid overheating and minimize the damage in case of fire.

With this powerful module every variable is under your direct control!

PowerBot configuration schematic example, the complete all in one GroLab™ system’s power module, controlling light, irrigation and climate
PowerBot Installation Example

Power Supplier

PowerBot provides power to all peripherals of your growing environment. It has 4 universal outlets that supports up to 2300W (per outlet and in total) or unlimited power when using an external electrical contactor.

Manual Control

This module comes with 4 external switches that give the user the ability to manually control all connected peripherals at any time on the spot.


With the combination between the temperature & humidity sensor and the capacity to independently control the electrical devices, it is possible to perform a precise climate automation. This feature makes the PowerBot a perfect tool to keep your growing environment with the perfect climate conditions for your plants to grow in a healthy way.


GroLab™ system allows you to automate any lighting system connected to PowerBot. It provides a huge amount of options when creating lighting schedules. Including the possibility to fully customize the day/night cycles length of your grow(s).


Connecting irrigation devices to PowerBot allows to fully automate the irrigation systems. Thanks to the programmable procedures provided by the GroLab™ system, it is possible to perform distinct irrigations during day and/or night periods and even separate those processes by groups of plants.

Safety Protocols & Procedures

PowerBot allows you to create safety protocols & procedures to avoid risk situations or even react to them in order to minimize the damage. Overheating and fires are some examples of risk situations that PowerBot can handle. There are also 2 main security features included on PowerBot: the cool-down time which prevents damage to devices that need some time to cool down before turning them on (HPS) and the security actions when losing communication with GroNode (the system's core module). All of these makes the PowerBot a life saver for any grower.

Module Communication

PowerBot communicates with GroNode (the system's core module) through radio frequency with a range of 25 meters indoors (depending on obstacles) and 100 meters in open spaces. This makes it easy to install the PowerBot on your growing area or even on the outside.

Monitor & Analysis

Using GroLab™ Software user can monitor and analyze the climate variables and the devices current state in real time. The software provides you notifications, charts, grow(s) overview and even allows you to export the sensors/devices values from the beginning of your grow(s) life cycle.


When you provide Internet connection to GroNode (the system's core module) it can send real time alerts and updates to your e-mail about the state of the devices and sensor connected to PowerBot. It will also notify you in case of any issues arises.

LED Indicator

Its design features 4 LEDs that indicates which elements are ON. Useful to visually understand what is happening on your grow(s).

Remote Control

When connecting the GroNode (the system's core module) to a router with an Internet connection, it allows you to activate the GroLab™ system's remote control. This feature grants user access from anywhere at any time through an easy-to-use software. Allowing to fully control all the modules, including PowerBot.
PowerBot Specifications
Hardware Version
236.4mm x 91.4mm x 46.7mm

Casing: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Physical buttons: On/Off Switch, Reset, 4 x Outlet Controller

Power Supply

EU - 230v AC

US - 120v AC

Fuse Included
Yes (250V 16A)
Cord Included
Yes (Universal)
Cord Length
2 meters

USB 2.1 type B

RP-SMA female

Power Entry IEC 320-C14

2.5mm 4-Pin male

Antenna Included
USB Cable Included
Yes (Type B-A)
USB Cable Length
2 meters
4 x Universal
Outlet Maximum Power

EU - 2300W(10A)

US - 1200W(10A)

Total Maximum Power

EU - 2300W(10A)

US - 1200W(10A)

Temperature & Humidity Sensor Included
Inter-Module Communication
Radio Frequency - 2.4GHz
Visual Indicators

4 x LED

2-years limited hardware warranty
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Specifications
27mm x 58.75mm x 13.30mm

Casing: Plastic

Colors: White

Cable Length
2 meters
Temperature Range
-40ºC ~ 80ºC
Temperature Precision
Humidity Range
0% ~ 99.9%
Humidity Precision
1-year limited hardware warranty