From May 16th to 18th, Open Grow™ will be at Food 4 Future - Food Tech, in Bilbao

Open Grow™ will be for the first time at Food 4 Future – Food Tech in Bilbao!

From May 16th to 18th, Open Grow™ will be present for the first time at Food 4 Future – Food Tech, at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC).

Visit us at the EIT Food Auditorium (GroLab), in Pavilion Nº1. We will be delighted to surprise you with the launch of new products and the announcement of future GroLab™ releases!

Food 4 Future – Food Tech is an amazing event to discover the latest innovations and trends that drive the transformation of the food industry, such as 4.0 technologies, concern for healthy eating, sustainable and efficient food production, or the fight against climate change weather.

This event is the meeting point for several professionals and companies that present case studies, trends, new technologies, and solutions for sustainability, health, and digitalization. It is the right place to deepen knowledge on topics such as new technologies in the food industry, ranging from data acquisition, processing, and analysis, to robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence.

During these three days, different events will take place, the main one being the Food 4 Future World Summit, in which 450 international speakers will participate. Also the European Summit of Food Tech Nations, in which Open Grow™ and various institutions from different European countries and regions will be present.

We will participate in the FoodTech Startup Forum, a meeting of startups with investment funds and several prizes will be awarded. We will be among the 60 most innovative projects that will pitch to investors, venture capital, and leading companies.

We would like to send a big hug to EIT Food for the opportunity and for helping to organize this event!

We hope to meet you there! Get your tickets here.

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View the map below to find out how to get there:

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