GroLab™ products automating Aquaponics Iberia's aquaponic systems

Aquaponics systems automated by GroLab™ highlighted in the RTP program – “Faça Chuva Faça Sol”

The RTP program – “Faça Chuva Faça Sol” was present at the Aquaponics Iberia facilities, in which João Cotter (Founder and CEO) made his company known, which is dedicated to the creation of aquaponics systems and their pedagogical training.

“Faça Chuva Faça Sol” makes reports and interviews about agriculture and forestry in Portugal. Agriculture in Portugal continues to grow with the emergence of new types of crops, innovation in cultivation methods, and the strong presence of the sustainability and circular economy mission. With this program, you will certainly discover a new vision of the rural world and its technologies. In this episode, you can find out more about aquaponics and irrigation system for agricultural production.

Aquaponics is a system where the water is completely reused, simultaneously allowing the irrigation and fertilization of plants as well as fish farming. Its purpose is to provide well-being and better nutrition, with the supply of fresh and pesticide-free food.

The advantage of this type of farming is growing more food with less water, land, and labor than traditional farming. In addition, it can be performed throughout the year and anywhere. Its practice is ecological, safe, and simple.

Aquaponics Iberia develops amazing projects, holds workshops, and offers professional consultancy in this fascinating area of Aquaponics. The daily challenge is taking aquaponics to the next level!

Among several systems, they also use our GroLab™ products to automate their spaces and ecosystems, so we take the opportunity to thank them for the trust placed in us over the years.

Watch the full episode below via YouTube or click here to watch it on RTP Play (Ep. 12 of Season 7)!

Credit of cover photo: “Faça Chuva Faça Sol” YouTube channel – Image rights reserved to RTP

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