GroNode is the GroLab™ system’s core piece. It controls the whole system simulating the operation of a brain.

Equipped with a LAN Ethernet system that allows the connection with GroLab™ software, the cloud and to send e-mail notifications.

GroNode communicates with the other modules through radio frequency, sending them instructions and retrieving information about all the elements of your grow(s). It can singly handle up to 4 Areas with 2 Grows each, and up to 20 different modules.

Has its own memory that allows to record every change in your grow(s), and it’s equipped with a RGB Led and a Buzzer for visual/sound signaling.

GroNode makes the bridge between your grow(s) and the digital world. Welcome to the 21st century of intelligent automation!

GroNode configuration schematic example, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller automation system
GroNode Installation Example


Although it may not seem like it, GroNode is a powerful computer that can do hundreds of tasks by itself. This means that it is not necessary to have a PC or other third-party device connected to GroNode for it to continue working. GroLab™ Software is only required to configure the system and to monitor your grow(s).


GroNode is the core of the GroLab™ modular architecture, it is capable of controlling up to 4 modules of each type (PowerBot, TankBot and SoilBot). The user only needs to acquire the necessary modules to fulfill the desired purpose. This architecture also allows to easily adapt GroLab™ system to any environment regardless of its size, type, growing medium or growing system.


GroLab™ has several layers to protect your data, in addition to the credentials needed to access GroLab™ Software the system also requires credentials to access GroNode. This means that if your PC gets compromised the GroLab™ will stay safe. E-mail notifications are also secured, GroNode uses a private server as a redirection point to send notifications, this way the IP can't be linked to your location. Remember that GroLab™ can operate without Internet connection, using it that way entirely hides it from the world.

Programmable Procedures

There are two main types of programmable procedures, alarms and schedules. GroNode has the ability to store and execute up to 100 of each type allowing a precise and extensive automation of any grow(s).


GroNode has the ability to perform hundreds of tasks simultaneously. This capacity provides to the GroLab™ system a fast and precise reactions based on the desired user instructions.

Modules Communication

GroNode communicates with other modules through radio frequency with a range of 25 meters indoors (depending on obstacles) and 100 meters in open spaces. This makes it easy to organize the modules through the growing area(s) or even on the outside.

Accessibility & Connectivity

GroNode can be configured, monitored and controlled by an easy-to-use software. You can choose whether you connect GroNode to a router, directly to PC or to other access point with Ethernet support.


When you provide Internet connection to GroNode it can send real time alerts and updates to your e-mail, keeping you updated about the state of your grow(s) anywhere, anytime.


GroNode has its own memory that is capable of storing hundreds of thousands of data. With data-logging and data-visualization features, it is possible to do a detailed analysis about the life cycle of the user’s plants.

Remote Control

When connecting the GroNode to a router with an Internet connection, it allows you to activate the GroLab™ system's remote control. This feature grants user access from anywhere at any time through an easy-to-use software.

Security Protocols

It is possible to create complex security protocols using alarms (one of the main programmable procedures type). They provide several tools to prevent, notify or even react to risk situations. One of the possible reactions is to suspend some parts or even the whole system until the user gives the order to continue. When a security alarm activates, GroNode will blink red and can also be configured to emit a loud beeper and send e-mail notifications.

Cloud Upload

This is another feature that makes the bridge between your grow(s) and the online world. Connecting GroNode to the Internet allows the user to configure a cloud server to periodically upload the data-log from all sensors/devices. One feature that opens the door to a multitude of advanced data analysis possibilities, essential for comprehensive studies.

IP Cameras

GroNode supports IP cameras allowing the user to keep their grows and surrounding areas under constant surveillance from anywhere at any time, through an intuitive interface provided by the GroLab™ Software.


On the agriculture automation domain it is crucial to keep the date and time synchronized in order to achieve a rigorous precision. GroNode has its own battery which ensures that the internal clock remains synchronized during certain periods of time without electricity. In this way, in the event of a power failure, the same rigorous precision will be guaranteed when the electrical conditions are restored.
GroNode Specifications
Hardware Version
91mm x 91mm x 28.7mm

Casing: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver

Physical buttons: Reset, NET Reset, FW Update

Power Supply
USB - 5VDC 1000mA

USB 2.1 type B

Ethernet LAN RJ45

RP-SMA female

Antenna Included
USB Cable Included
Yes (Type B-A)
USB Cable Length
2 meters
USB Power Adapter Included
Yes (Type A 230AC-5VDC)
Ethernet LAN Cable Included
Ethernet LAN Cable Length
1.52 meters
Inter-Module Communication
Radio Frequency - 2.4GHz
CR2032 Lithium 3V 250mAh
Storage Memory
Audiovisual Indicators

Buzzer single tone


2-years limited hardware warranty