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GroLab™ Software Update

Today we released a new GroLab™ Software version. Below you can find the release notes for this version.

Release notes:

  • Fixed wrong “other sensor” icon on grow configuration section;
  • Fixed a crash opening a chart when GroNode has an invalid date/time;
  • Fixed not properly setting ON/OFF alarm input condition when using “other input” sensor type;
  • Fixed not showing an error message when exporting data logs to file operation fails;
  • Fixed a crash opening the data logs export to file menu when GroNode has an invalid date/time;
  • Fixed a crash while exporting data logs to file, caused by using not allowed characters for a sheet name, now those characters are replaced by whitespaces;
  • Hardware version is now visible next to the firmware version on GroNode Settings and Modules menus.
  • Improved information about SoilBot’s moisture sensor sample time;
  • Improved overall fields text validation;
  • Added Cloud Endpoint field on GroNode Cloud Settings (only available if GroNode has the latest firmware version;
  • Now before calibrating a sensor/probe alarms that use it will be disabled, after calibrating alarms are restored;
  • Now before calibrating a peristaltic pump alarms that use it as input condition will also be disabled until calibration finishes (older software versions only disabled alarms that use the peristaltic pump as output condition);

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