GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.11 update highlights banner - Added module status LED settings (e.g. enable/disable the module status LED); - Revamp of the UserBot panel and added new supported sensors; - Updated support to CO2 & Pressure sensors; - A bunch of overall fixes; and much more...

GroLab™ Software Update

Today we released a new GroLab™ Software version. Below you can find the release notes for this version.

Release notes:

  • Added module status LED settings (now it’s possible to turn off the module status LED);
  • Added new supported sensors (Pressure and Other Measurement Sensor);
  • Added support to CO2, Pressure and Other Sensor types to the UserBot;
  • Added speed configuration to UserBot devices (Peristaltic Pumps, LEDs, Other Output, Water Pump, Ventilation In/Out, Ventilator…);
  • Added the e-mail authentication status to also be taken into consideration when setting the e-mail status icon on the GroNode settings;
  • Added Import/Export settings feature to the UserBot (also available in Demo Mode);
  • Added new PowerBot mini icons (now they are coherent with the new hardware versions);
  • (DEMO MODE) Added the new sensor types to the UserBot so users can try them;
  • Updated UserBot panel visuals and mini-icons;
  • Updated visuals for ‘Other Sensor’ type, as well as its name, now it’s called ‘Other Switch Sensor’;
  • Updated visuals for battery sensor type;
  • Updated sensors panel from IO type selection to also support vertical scroll;
  • Updated area/grow extras restrictions to also support battery state inputs;
  • Updated languages;
  • (DEMO MODE) Updated to ensure all the latest features are available in demo mode;
  • (DEMO MODE) Updated module security settings to allow it in Demo Mode;
  • Changed the warning message when upgrading GroNode firmware and it’s required to format memory;
  • Changed the size of the UserBot inputs value labels to fully display the values and units (CO2 with 4 digits wasn’t showing ‘ppm’);
  • Changed the schedule name font (at schedules panel) to bold to be coherent with the alarms visuals;
  • Changed the device’s speed range on UserBot to 4-255;
  • Changed the speed and cool-down features restriction on UserBot, now it’s required to have UserBot firmware version equal or higher than and GroNode firmware version equal or higher than;
  • Changed the PowerBot image on modules firmware troubleshoot to be coherent with hardware version;
    (DEMO MODE) Changed the GroNode firmware/hardware label to display ‘DEMO MODE’;
  • Removed horizontal scroll-ball from the UserBot IO’s panels;
  • Fixed not updating area night/day duration after editing area using the regular day/night;
  • Fixed being able to click on input’s value at UserBot panel;
  • Fixed some issues with the ‘CO2 Sensor’ type;
  • Fixed being able to choose any kind of output for irrigation alarm’s output condition;
  • Fixed dragging out extras IOs on Area editor and not scrolling up to make the ones that are still there visible;
  • Fixed visual glitches in the UserBot panel;
  • Fixed long IO names on UserBot not fully visible;
  • Fixed some texts not fully displaying, font resizing wasn’t being properly applied;
  • Fixed showing double confirmation message, in some cases, when disabling/enabling schedules;
  • Fixed/improved lots of functions to enable/disable/remove stuff in alarms and schedules from the main menu panels (it should be less prone to block);
  • Fixed area/grow names and current days not fully visible at the overview section;
  • Fixed missing a protection rule when importing TankBot settings from file;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements;

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