GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.10 update highlights banner - Added Internet and e-mail service connectivity status; - Improved Windows 10 compatibility; - Drastically reduced CPU usage; - A bunch of overall fixes; and much more...

GroLab™ Software Update

Today we released a new GroLab™ Software version. Below you can find the release notes for this version.

Release notes:

  • Added debug/program logs to the “export data-logs to file” operation;
  • Added Internet and e-mail service connectivity status to GroNode settings (requires GroNode firmware version higher or equal to;
  • Alarm active time quick editing now also display the date;
  • Improved the GroNode firmware recovery operation: it was making the UI unresponsive, some controls were not being properly handled, also fixed some missing texts;
  • Reduced network usage by the automatic GroNode search operation, it will be slower but increase the change to find GroNode(s);
  • Drastically reduced CPU usage to update the Alarms and Schedules UI panels;
  • Overall CPU usage improvements;
  • Updated languages;
  • Updated compiler and libraries, this fixes the issues introduced with the latest Windows 10 updates (e.g. crash when exporting data-logs to file);
  • Fixed wrong EC unit displayed in the quick alarm value configuration (was showing ‘us’ when the correct is ‘ms’);
  • Fixed not showing ‘switch button’ in the Alarm inputs selection when it belongs to a PowerBot;
  • Fixed not properly handling the module firmware files after upgrading firmware operation ends;
  • Fixed becoming blocked on the menu while changing the GroNode settings and the software lose connection with GroNode;
  • Fixed allowing the area night duration to be less than 5 minutes;
  • Fixed minor issues displaying the extra devices/sensors in the area configuration;
  • Fixed GroNode upgrade troubleshoot: when there is no info regarding GroNode, the software asks the user about hardware version but it wasn’t presenting all the available hardware versions;
  • Fixed sending some unnecessary data to GroNode regarding its settings/properties (e.g. total data-log entries, battery…);
  • Fixed overriding the battery value to zero before sending settings to GroNode;
  • Fixed sending some unnecessary data to GroNode when editing the module’s name;
  • Fixed setting Alarm with custom time to an incorrect day;
  • Fixed not properly displaying area/grow total elapsed days when using advanced day cycle (different than regular 24H cycle);
  • Fixed a potential exception when closing the software with the waiting window visible;
  • Fixed a missing translation in French and Spanish;
  • Other minor fixes, improvements, and code cleaning;

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