On the left side a front view of GroNode, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller, on the right the text "GroNode Firmware Update" and an update icon

GroLab™ GroNode Firmware Update v1.0.5.1

Today we released a new firmware version for GroNode, a GroLab™ module. Below you can find the release notes for this version.

Release Notes:

  • Implemented a communication command to update most of the data, increasing communications performance;
  • Added time-stamp to several commands;
  • Added support to 8 peristaltic pumps on the grow data structure, to be used as nutrients dosing and pH correction;
  • Improved power fail protection during data log operation;
  • Fixed not activating buzzer while an alarm with buzzer enabled is active and user enable the buzzer on GroNode settings menu;
  • Fixed day/night calculation on undesired irrigation alarms;
  • Fixed e-mail/data-logging issues when timeout was bigger than 6 hours, e-mail/data-logging was not being sent/saved;
  • Fixed trying to listen to a closed socket;
  • Fixed links on e-mail notifications footer;
  • Fixed “other input” and “soil temperature” not being correctly written on e-mail notifications;
  • Fixed minor bug when clearing all schedules/alarms;
  • Minor fixes and overall improvements related with security alarms;
  • Security alarm validations are now protected against alarm reactivation while validating (same applies to enable/disable);
  • Schedule triggered by an alarm now waits until “waiting time” is over before stopping/deleting schedule;
  • If there are no security alarms active when GroNode wake up, all security counters resets to zero;
  • Security alarms now look at the alarms outputs to decide if they need to be turned off or not;
  • Communication layer improved between GroNode and other modules;
  • Other minor changes and improvements;

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