On the left side a front view of GroNode, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller, on the right the text "GroNode Firmware Update" and an update icon

GroLab™ GroNode Firmware Update v1.0.7.1

Today we released a new firmware version for GroNode, a GroLab™ module. Below you can find the release notes for this version.


Release Notes:

  • Added support to new TankBot and PowerBot hardware versions;
  • Improved the support for the new CO2 Combined Sensor and new PowerBots in general;
  • Improved RF communications;
  • Improved output speed handling;
  • Minor fixes related to e-mail notifications;
  • Other minor changes and improvements.


  • Robert

    I strart this update and my gronode doesnt work. It only flashing yellow and thats all.
    How I can upload new firmware to my gronode?
    Thank you for your answer.


    Reply December 16, 2021 at 7:27 pm

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