On the left side a front view of GroNode, the core module (brain) of the GroLab™ grow controller, on the right the text "GroNode Firmware Update" and an update icon

GroLab™ GroNode Firmware Update v1.0.6.0

Today we released a new firmware version for GroNode, a GroLab™ module. Below you can find the release notes for this version.

Release Notes:

  • Implemented single time execution mode to Schedules/Alarms;
  • Implemented independent device Security Cooldown time to prevent rapid switching in sensitive devices (ex. HPS);
  • Implemented Custom Time alarms, alarms that only act during a desired period of the day;
  • Improved RF communications with better buffer management and CRC enhancement;
  • Improved GroLab modules registration process;
  • Improved setting GroNode clock, more validations (to prevent erroneous date/time definitions);
  • Improved data logs management;
  • Improved GroLab modules data checking, now it will have a non blocking behavior (improving alive/not alive);
  • Fixed minor issues related with e-mail notifications templates;
  • Fixed not closing SMTP when connection lost, causing e-mail notifications operation to block until a GroNode Reset;
  • Fixed data logs frame count when dumping all data to GroLab Software;
  • Fixed rewrite speed command constantly setting the speed;
  • Persistence Alarms & Schedules now ease of the RF Network by having a timeout to retry the persistence;
  • If GroNode is DHCP, upon wake up the default IP is set (this forces DHCP reacquire);

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