Creat your own GroLab module using our grow controller UserBot

Create your own GroLab™ Module with UserBot

Now you can make your own agricultural automation module and interface it with GroLab™ using our new product UserBot!

Open Grow™ developed an Arduino Shield that supports the hardware layer to communicate with GroNode, turning any Arduino into a GroLab module.

The shield has a complete breakout board that allows you to use even the tiny SMD components, making it not only an interface with GroLab™, but also a versatile board for your test and experiments.


Not only Open Grow™ provides you the shield it also presents the necessary firmware in a Open Source format, so you can easily edit it and add any sensor or device to your grow you may think of.

Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, buttons, if they can interface with Arduino, UserBot can interface them with GroLab™.

The limit is your imagination.

Let’s look at a practical example…

1 – Get your Arduino

2 – Install your UserBot Shield

3 – Create the schematic below directly on the UserBot breakboard, or using an external BreadBoard

4 – Download the source code to your Arduino libraries

GroLab™ UserBot Public Repository

5 – Et voilá, you just added 3 more buttons and a temperature sensor to your GroLab™ system. You can now see your module in your GroLab™ software, and use any input or output in any feature GroLab provides you.



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