GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.6 update highlights banner - Added support to PowerBot Hardware 3; - Added support to GroNode Hardware 5; - Usability fixes and improvements...

Actualización del Software GroLab™

Hoy hemos lanzado una nueva versión del Software GroLab™. A continuación, podrás encontrar la lista de cambios de esta versión.


Lista de alteraciones:

  • Fixed some issues related with import/export module settings;
  • Fixed not allowing to type some valid characters on GroNode’s external hostname, clock and cloud servers;
  • Fixed using incorrect IP to reconnect with GroNode after losing connection (remote connection);
  • Fixed not properly edit a schedule without recurrence that has the start date different than todays;
  • Fixed an exception when closing GroLab at the same time that the task to do datalog triggers;
  • Fixed showing the message «Module name can’t be blank» when canceling the module’s name editing with blank field;
  • Fixed visible horizontal scroll on extra IO’s panel (Grow Control section);
  • Fixed a rare issue that was causing to not properly refreshing visuals making some controls not visible;
  • Fixed close calibration wizard from taskbar, it is now handled correctly;
  • Added support to the new PowerBot Hardware (version 3);
  • Added support to the new GroNode Hardware (version 5);
  • Added a protection to not show GroNode’s battery over 100% or under 0%;
  • Added new options for the format GroNode’s flash command (requires GroNode firmware >=;
  • Improved email’s system that is used to send GroLab Software logs;
  • Improved format GroNode’s flash and backups handling on loading operation;
  • Improved the clock window that it is used to set times;
  • Importing/exporting module settings will now take into account the internal temperature name and device’s cooldown time;
  • Turning IO’s ON/OFF or turning peristaltic ON/OFF on calibration wizard when it is not possible to open a connection with GroNode using its secondary port will now show an error message suggesting to open router ports;
  • Closing calibration wizard will not restore turn the peristaltic pump OFF if it was OFF before opening the calibration wizard;
  • Clearing module will also reset the name of PowerBot’s internal temperature;
  • If module is not alive a message will appear when user click on module security settings;
  • Forcing to update GroNode (CTRL + SHIFT + U) to a lower version will now force a format and then backups will be applied;
  • (DEMO) Changed hardware version from PowerBot displayed on demo mode, now it is the hardware version 3;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements;
  • Updated languages;

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