GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.2 update highlights - custom time, day, night alarms operation modes; peristaltic calibration, improving nutrients dosing and pH correction; export sensors and devices logs to file; customizable cooldown time to prevent damage to sensitive devices (lamps).

Actualización del Software GroLab™

Hoy hemos lanzado una nueva versión del Software GroLab™. A continuación, podrás encontrar la lista de cambios de esta versión.

Lista de alteraciones:

  • Implemented extra devices/sensors management to Area/Grow editor/creator wizard;
  • Implemented single time execution mode to Schedules/Alarms;
  • Implemented peristaltic calibration;
  • Implemented custom time Alarms;
  • Implemented action time type on Irrigation and Security Alarms;
  • Implemented device Security Cooldown time;
  • Implemented export data logs to file;
  • Added delete data logs button to GroNode settings;
  • Added support to GroNode v1.0.6.0;
  • Added support to TankBot hardware 9;
  • Added missing texts and tooltips;
  • Added GroNode date/time and state to Alarms editor/creator wizard;
  • Added full backup feature to loading operation in order to restore backups after firmware upgrade (case its needed);
  • Added default Security Cooldown time based on device;
  • Added manual module firmware installation on troubleshoot section;
  • Added the possibility to create a Schedule to pump an amount of milliliters using a peristaltic pump;
  • Remade module sensor/device configuration wizard;
  • Removed OxiBot from modules section;
  • Fixed minor issues when changing Schedule start/end/duration/recurrence time while recurrence is enabled;
  • Fixed an issue with cameras data consistency check;
  • Fixed a rare bug on Grow configuration (adding some devices/sensors was not assigning the correct ids);
  • Fixed EC units on charts from «us» to «ms»;
  • Fixed minor visual issues related with Schedules;
  • Fixed minor issues adding/deleting/editing Areas/Grows;
  • Fixed issues related with modules import/export settings;
  • Fixed several bugs related with Area/Grow filters;
  • Fixed minor issues related with Alarms creator wizard;
  • Improved Area day/night;
  • Improved data consistency check;
  • Improved automatic GroNode search;
  • Improved loading operation;
  • Improved COM port handling;
  • Improved GroNode firmware recovery: if no info about previously connected GroNode or the available firmware to apply can cause some data loss, ask user if he really wants to proceed;
  • Minor visual improvements;
  • Now its not possible to use internal PowerBot temperature as main Area temperature;
  • Now its possible to choose week days on Light Schedules;
  • Now when clicking on G1 or G2 buttons on Area editor/creator wizard will open default Grow section;
  • Now changing from a peristaltic to other type will clear the calibration parameters and update Schedules/Alarms;
  • Now will only ask to delete data logs if GroNode memory usage is equal or higher than 10%;
  • Now it is possible to create an Alarm if user have at least one device or e-mail notifications configured;
  • (DEMO) Now its possible to access peristaltic calibration on demo mode;
  • (DEMO) Now its possible to configure device Security Cooldown on demo mode;
  • Updated Security Alarms descriptions;
  • Updated languages;
  • Other minor changes and improvements;

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