GroLab™ Software v1.0.2.12 update highlights banner - Added Bahasa language (Indonesia); - Added support to new TankBot and PowerBot hardware versions; - Improved Windows OS integration; - Improved CPU usage; - A bunch of overall fixes;

Actualización del Software GroLab™

Hoy hemos lanzado una nueva versión del Software GroLab™. A continuación, podrás encontrar la lista de cambios de esta versión.


Lista de alteraciones:

  • Added the Indonesian language (Bahasa), in a collaboration with PT Daya Santosa Rekayasa (also known as DSR Irrigation);
  • Added different messages to error cases (UnauthorizedAccess and FileInUsage) when exporting data-logs to files (excel);
  • Added a speed counter (KB/S) for the GroNode upgrade firmware;
  • Added support to new TankBot and PowerBot hardware versions;
  • Added support to GroNode firmware versions 1.0.7.x;
  • Added more internal logs;
  • Added a new method to validate if the GroNode IP is inside the same local network as the device running the GroLab Software;
  • Updated several libraries;
  • Updated some GroNode status;
  • Updated languages;
  • Removed some unnecessary tray notifications;
  • Fixed bug that caused the export datalog to excel file to stay forever in the loading;
  • Fixed not being able to create similar alarms with different custom times for execution;
  • Fixed not running the similarity test when editing the Alarm’s active time;
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause to use of an incorrect IP address for GroNode;
  • Improved visuals for the module security settings text;
  • Improved the support for the new CO2 Combined Sensor and new PowerBots in general;
  • Improved erase module settings;
  • Improved import/export module’s settings;
  • Improved the Alarm check for reverse configurations when using custom time alarms;
  • Improved the Alarm similarity test;
  • Improved CPU usage;
  • Improved integration with new Windows OS versions/updates;
  • Other minor changes;

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